Write an essay in 3 hours

Essay is a fairly common task in schools and colleges. Teachers give their students a specific topic and are asked to express their thoughts on this matter. But contrary to popular belief, an essay is not just your thoughts on a piece of paper. This is a thorough analysis of the available information and further transformation into conclusions and ways to solve the problem.

There is a huge amount of essay, and his style depends on your topic. This may be a narrative essay or an essay. There are also essays in which you need to compare two +≠things or two phenomena. You may also be asked to consider one topic from all possible sides. All these types of combines only one thing. This is a structure on which to write an essay, as well as planning personal time. Any essay consists of introduction, main part and conclusion. But there are also a huge number of different types of essays. Each essay has its own characteristics and must be written in accordance with the topic.

For example, when your research goes through doubt. Doubt itself can lead you to another reasoning. There is a hidden moral question: to really be in doubt. Listen to other parts. It becomes suspicious. Look at your argument from different angles. Otherwise, it makes no sense to choose a form that causes doubt and, in the end, does what any scientific opinion does a lot better: establishing facts, opinions and truths. Or when the study disagrees with authorities and rules or is still experimental. Studies that work on the hierarchy, the authorities, will be very well developed in the form of an essay. Pay attention to the topic of your essay to understand what style you need.

But if we talk about the scheme of the essay, it is always the same. If you have already found the necessary literature for yourself on your essay, you can proceed to the preparation of your text. For starters, read all the books and articles that you managed to find. Do not forget to make notes, with the help of which you can quickly find the information you need later and not waste time again in searching for the paragraph you need.

Then make a work plan. These may be just key phrases or words that will help you write your essay in a logical and structured way. The logic in the essay must be traced necessarily, since the evaluation of your essay depends on it. Such a plan will support your essay, so you can finish your work faster.

When you have a ready essay plan, you can write an essay in 3 hours of any volume. Write an interesting essay intro for your readers. Then put all the facts you know about your essay in the main part. In the final part summarize your research and express your opinion on the basis of these findings.

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